Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our mission at urapkapps has always been about creating an enjoyable experience for all of our users which means understanding what they want in order to show them this type or collection with ways including using their own info while also being transparent enough not only when collecting but transferring too if needed down the road–we don’t cut corners because every detail counts towards making things right.

This Privacy Policy document may contain information about how we collect, use, and disclose your personal data. We want you to know the basics so here it goes!
Protecting Its user’s Online privacy policy

urapkapps is committed to protecting its user’s online privacy policy. To attain users’ confidence & their participation in online activities, it is important to give them wide protection of users’ privacy on the Web. What kind of information we required and collect about you when you visit our site, this is the ambition of our policy. we also want to inform you about how we may use that information, that will disclose it or not with anybody, and the choice you have regarding our information.

Information We Collect

The information we collect about you is powerful and can be used for several reasons. For starters:
1) As soon as your join the playground called “urapkapps”

2) During registration or using our service

3). When submitting content to us like blog posts

4), Your account will receive extra features

5 )We want all users to feel safe on their journey

Mindful Of Our Users’ Safety

urapkapps is always mindful of our users’ safety and we want you to feel safe on the site as well. That’s why urapkapps has a mechanism for automatically removing any location information from your images before they go public display-ready! So don’t worry, just take care when posting where ever else people can see them.

Uses Cookies

urapkapps uses cookies, which are small text files sent by your computer to remember you and make it easier for us. We use session or persistent ones depending on how long they stay visible in the browser – these can be used to store things like user preferences (language) so that users don’t have list item after list item set each time they visit our site!

Take Your Privacy Seriously

We take your privacy seriously. Your IP and user string is logged every time you visit this website, which helps us provide better service for all users of urapkapps’ services – but it also means that we must be accountable for how these pieces of information are used by having separate policies on what does/doesn’t happen with them once they’ve been collected from each individual client source (e-mail lists).
The main thing about logs happens when someone visits an app or site; however, there may potentially come a point where backup solutions will become necessary because certain events could occur outside typical browsing patterns such as account creation via social media integration.

The Security And Integrity Of Our Platform

The information you provide to us may be used for a variety of purposes, including maintaining the security and integrity of our platform; providing customer support services such as technical assistance via email or phone calls regarding your account activity on urapkapps .contacting individuals who have been determined by urapkapps management team require additional contact due to their role within company initiatives like marketing campaigns, product launch events, etc, helping determine which customers are likely candidates interested in certain products based off limited data sets compiled during registration.

The Privacy Should Be Respected

Our philosophy is that privacy should be respected. We do not share your information with any other third party and will never do so, although the playground may call for it sometimes! If you want to edit or remove data from our records such as email addresses.

We understand that you care about what information we share with others. That’s why our goal is to be as transparent and honest with your Expectations of Us privacy needs, so please read this policy statement carefully!
We may update or change its terms at any time without prior notice – but don’t worry because if there are updates that affect how personally identifiable details like names, email addresses, etc., get shared around then simply continue usage after those changes come into effect means all agree.

urapkapps’s journey continues with your companionship. And although urapkapps is extremely simple, humorous, and silly at times; we are always serious about the privacy of anyone who uses it or asks for help from us because our number one priority has been building a safe community where everyone can feel welcome and respected.



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